University of Almeria (Universidad de Almeria)

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Almeria University
(Almeria, Spain)

Almeria has an efficient public transport system, which makes commuting to and from the university fast and easy. Touring the city on foot is practical because of the sunny conditions in the Andalusian coast.

Renting a car is a convenient way to explore the city. Car rental rates are lower in Almeria than in any other European cities, so renting a car is relatively cheap.

Travel by Air

The Almeria Airport offers regular domestic flights to Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, and to Melilla, and international flights to Dusseldorf, London Gatwick, and Munich. The airport is located about 10 kilometres from the city centre.

Almeria Airport (LEI) Information - Useful information about Almeria (LEI) Airport

Car Parking

Parking space is widely available throughout the city centre. The nearby beaches all have public parking lots as well. Visitors can also park at the pay-parking areas in the malls, tourist attractions, and theme parks.

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Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

The Spanish railway network is run by a government-owned corporation. Visitors who want to go to Almeria by train usually pass through Malaga. A train trip from Madrid to Malaga takes about four and a half hours. Direct train lines from Barcelona and Madrid to Almeria are available, but the travel time is longer because the trains used are not high velocity trains. Visitors can explore the rest of the Andalusian region by taking the Al Andaluz Express.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Visitors can tour the city by bus. Bus stops are widely available throughout the city centre. Those going to Almeria from Madrid can take the overnight coaches that make regular trips to the city.

Travel by Taxis

Traveling by taxi is a great way to get a true taste of the city because taxis are cheaper in Spain than in other European cities. The taxi drivers can be accommodating enough to show the visitors the city's more earthy side. However, they are notorious for not turning their meters on, so while taxi fare is cheap, the taxi drivers tend to overcharge.

Almeria University

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