University of Almeria (Universidad de Almeria)

University Colleges and Facilities
(Almeria, Spain)

The university has four academic faculties and three university colleges. Each of these academic institutions offers degree programmes for undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Universidad de Almeria Faculties: Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences

One of the largest faculties of the university, the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences offers bachelor's degree programmes in Humanities, English Philology, and Educational Psychology, to name a few. It also offers a diploma programme in Primary School Teaching with specializations in Physical Education, Music, Nursery School Education, Primary School Education, and Foreign Languages.

Faculty of Experimental Sciences

This faculty offers degrees in Environmental Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Chemistry Engineering.

Faculty of Economical and Business Sciences

This faculty offers bachelor's degree programmes in Business Administration and Management and diploma programmes in Business Management and Tourism Management.

College of Labour Relations

This faculty offers a diploma programme in labour relations.

Polytechnic College

This university college offers undergraduate degrees in Plant Engineering, Food Engineering, Computer Engineering, and advanced degrees in Agricultural Engineering and Computer Engineering.

University College of Nursing

This college offers a diploma programme in nursing. Classes are usually conducted in affiliated hospitals, and they are taught by local and foreign registered nurses.

Faculty of Law

This faculty offers a degree in Law and a diploma programme in Public Management and Administration. Some of Spain's finest lawyers teach in this faculty.

Almeria University

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